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milkey63's News

Posted by milkey63 - 13 days ago

Today It appears that I'm promoted to learn at the normal classes for 3 months (September to November or till December at the end of the year?) instead of learning on special education class as an ADHD person because I'm very smart for the class that I got promoted to the normal class with higher knowledge next week.

I know that this is a good thing to challenge my intellect and get a better education to get a career path in life but I'm scared about this change and the normal class started at the afternoon till sunset (In Southeast Asia there are some school that started the first 1 and 2 normal grade on the afternoon till sunset)

This change may affect my afternoon activities and my normal internet activities like watching cartoons, Browsing on Newgrounds and some private wank'in (probably shouldn't said that) and my sketching activity that I've enjoy doing.

I may be inactive for 3 months I'm not sure but I will try to draw again if I have the will motivation to do so.

This is going to be a long 3 month journey

I hope that I survive with one of the big boys up there.

If you're reading this I'm out and working hard for a better future.

I'll be back, Until next time see ya later. - Milkey63, 15th September 2022.

Posted by milkey63 - 3 weeks ago

I've reach Private B/P Rank

I'm now one of the big boys B)

Posted by milkey63 - 1 month ago

While I was playing Road of the Dead 2 I accidentally click right click and accidentally click "Deny" on "Allow uploads.ungrounded.net to store information on your computer" and all of my save data from my previous game is all gone and even the other games that I've played the save data is all gone and reset. Can someone please help me and try to Click on "Allow" on the Local Storage page and fix this Issue? I try clicking "Allow" but It didn't work, If you managed to click the "Allow' On the Local Storage or you did the same thing as I did and press allow and it worked Please tell me how you do It (Actually I didn't need to click allow because the NG Player auto saves it). And also Please tell me how to fix this Newgrounds Player Save Data Issue and get back all my Saved Data.

So I've learned that It reset all of my previous Saved Data from any previous Newgrounds Player game that I've played after the incident (Don't worry It didn't lose my save progress in any game in the future after the incident)

I really have an Unlucky Day...

Posted by milkey63 - August 22nd, 2022



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Posted by milkey63 - July 6th, 2022

I'll try to beat Epic Battle Fantasy on Epic difficulty just so I can get the Hero Medal.

Posted by milkey63 - June 19th, 2022

I always have that feeling when I watch someone else's art and I congratulated them

but deep inside I don't know if I'm good enough to be with thier skill level in art.

Screw that thought, I'll learn by myself and succeed one day.


Posted by milkey63 - January 20th, 2022

Maybe gonna post some artwork here.